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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I swear I'm trying. I'm trying every day. I've even seen a specialist to help me. But as this year closes and I reflect upon my actions, I'm nowhere near controlling my emotions in the manner I desire.

I'm trying to be a "kinder and gentler" Jake Schwartzberg. I'm trying to think before I speak. I'm trying to talk in softer tones and with less anger.

I could easily make the excuse that the behaviors I see everyday cause me to react with anger and volume. Everyday I am disgusted and disappointed by the way our students talk, dress, ridicule, bully, drink, use, and lie.

My instinct is to respond immediately, loudly, and angrily when I see such ugly behaviors, and I hate when I go down that road. I have got to find a way to respond differently. Barking isn't working.

I just wish sometimes that I had a little help on campus. I know I'm making excuses but for the love of math, we need more campus monitors and more adults in the halls "helping" kids act right.

And, I think every school should have a hammer. The hammer is the assistant principal on campus who handles discipline. Mr Haugh was that guy when I was in school in Tucson. First of all, there was no, "ascending matrix of concequences" that we all use now. There was paddling. Yep. In 1981 I got paddled in principals office for using bad language. I think I called a kid a fucking pussy. But it wasn't just the paddling that had my attention on campus. There was a fear of this guy. He was a scary son of a gun. Ex marine, flattop, big. We were pretty well behaved. I think the fear of Mr. Haugh kept us from doing a bunch of stupid stuff.

I wish we had a guy who the kids were afraid of .