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Thursday, July 21, 2011


First of all, I hate that there is a law telling me that I can't drive and take a phone call from my mom by picking up my phone. I know I could get a hands free device, but I make it a practice to NOT talk on the phone while driving anyway. But, if I were on a road trip and my mom called, I'd like to take the call without paying a fine.

I understand that some (most) of you knuckleheads out there are on your phone from the minute you wake up to the minute your head hits the pillow. Because of that, because you other cheeseballs are on the phone all the time, I have to endure a law that I don't deserve.

And, I honor the law. I don't talk on the phone while driving. Ever. So it really angers me when I see others on there phone while racing past me. I know I shouldn't concern myself with others, but it really pisses me off.

All that said, why is it that I can't take a call, but the teenage girl next to me can tilt her mirror to her face, put on makeup while holding a latte as she steers with her knee. Oh yeah, she's also playing with the radio while she's engaged in a loud, and animated conversation with the other 4 teens in the car. ARRGGGG

Monday, July 11, 2011

World Cup

Dear Soccer Players and Fans,
If you want to be accepted by mainstream sports fans, you might want to think about not throwing yourself to the ground and writhing around for 6 minutes after a defender even breathes in your direction.
You might consider not allowing yourself to be loaded onto a stretcher only to unbuckle yourself and SPRINT back into the action.
You might want to play the game with integrity instead of deceipt.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Teen Mom

If anyone cares to know why I am mortified to see how this generation of kids progresses, watch an episode of Teen Mom. If this is a microcosm of young society, woe are we.

Of course it isn't. Of course this is just a handful of young people who seem to make bad decision after bad decision. Of course the producers of the show don't show the whole story, just the parts that will shock the American TV audience.

But one thing that is universal about this generation is that they are the most ME ME ME people I've ever met. I have never seen more young people that truly believe the world owes them something.

I blame the parents. (if you know me, this is no surprise) This is the generation whose parents never said no to them. When the kid was 6, he or she was drinking a Starbucks Frappachino because Mom didn't have the heart to say no. When the kid was 11 he or she got her third iphone. The kid can't read well because Mom and Dad bought them every video game they ever wanted and never wanted to get the kid mad at them by insisting they do some reading. At 16, the kid gets a car. Not a fixer upper or one they had to work to pay for. Nope, a car as nice as any in the family.

These kids rightfully think they get everything they want. Their parents will die poor. Poor because as the kid goes deeper and deeper in life without working hard at a job, Mom and Dad will continue to throw good money after spoiled kids.

Watch any episode of reality tv. Watch how this generation of kids act. Watch the level of entitlement.


This morning, the feds released a number of pieces of employment data. The news is scary, depressing and sobering.

Unemployment ROSE to 9.2% nationwide. Experts are saying this number is low. They believe the real number of unemployed is closer to 12 to 14 % and if you include under-employed people, the number jumps to about 16%. Holy smokes.

I want to do something, but of course, there isn't anything I can do other than be grateful that I have a job.

I am so grateful to have a job. Thank you Capistrano Unified School District for paying me to teach. Thank you Dana Hills High School for letting me come in everyday and educate America. While I may not always demonstrate it with my actions, I'm grateful everyday that I have an employer that believes in me and lets me spin my magic.