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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mr. Lopez-Maddox


You were quoted recently in the OC Register. Your statements if accurate, offend me.

"This is nothing more than a drill by the people who lost the last two elections to intimidate and attempt to get a pay raise for the teachers union, which we can hardly afford. I've been elected and overwhelmingly re-elected. Our test scores have never been higher."

Sir, my problem is your last statement. If you are takiing ANY credit for MY students test scores, then your ego is writing checks your body can't cash. (who gets a chance to write that? I win) Seriously though. Sir, here is what you should have said. "Our test scores have never been higher. Hats off to the students, their families and their teachers. THEY deserve a bunch of credit." That would have been classy. No, you decided that YOU, a man I have never seen in my class, in my school, or even in my community take credit for their successes. Shame on you.

High scores are earned by students whose parents insist on academic excellence and push their children to great successes. PARENTS deserve the credit for any high test scores.
High scores are earned by students who sit every day, 185 days and listen and participate and learn and retain information. Students who understand that being educated means something. Students who get it that their actions today matter. STUDENTS deserve the credit for any high test scores.
High scores ar earned by the students of teachers who prepare them well. I'm the guy who learned the standards, prepared lessons to address them, built assessments that included standards type testing, worked with my department to write common assessments, shared best practices with my team, assessed data routinely, planned the curriculum to cover every standard before the testing date, AND STOOD AND DELIVERED EVERY FLIPPIN DAY. How dare you take any credit for these successes. TEACHERS deserve the credit for any high test scores.

I hate everyone.

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