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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to School Primer for Students

In golf, there is a standard expectations for caddies.  Show up, Keep up, Shut up.  Caddies are expected to show up early and be ready to go when the golfer is ready.  Caddies are expected to keep up with the pace of the golfer.  Whatever the pace of the golfer, match that.  Lastly, caddies are expected to keep there opinions or reactions to themselves unless asked.  Caddies for the most part, should keep there mouths shut.

I encourage my students to do the same.  Show up, Keep up, Shut up.

Show up EVERY DAY.  Everyone feels like crap at 7:00 AM when we wake up.  We all consider calling in sick.  Don't.  Drag yourself out of bed and into the shower.  The shower has magical properties.  Get to school EVERY DAY.
Show up ON TIME.  Our passing periods are long enough to get from one end of the campus to the other in plenty of time.  Showing up late means you are putting your personal conversations with friends ahead of your responsibility to your education.  Getting to class on time is respectful to your education and your teacher.

Keep up with the pace of the teacher.  Get everything from the board on paper.  If things start going too fast, don't panic.  Get everything from the board on paper and spend time during the evening re-writing your notes.  For me, college mathematics moved FAST.  It was all I could do to get things on paper.  I didn't learn the material in class.  I learned the material when I recopied my notes.  I could pause and figure out all the why, how, and if questions I had.  Keep up.
Keep up means doing your homework every night.  Build in a routine with a dedicated time.  Get your work done every night.  Falling behind is the kiss of death in school.  The most comfortable way to go to school is by staying a section ahead of your class. 

You cannot hear if you are talking and you cannot learn if you cannot hear.  So, SHUT UP.  Spend the whole class period quietly trying to learn everything well.   Nothing you have to say to your friend is more important than the lesson.  Nothing you have to say to your friend is worth missing even one sentence from your teacher because that one sentence could be the most important sentence of the day.  The culture of classes today is that the kids are talking over their teachers.  Shut up.  Let your teacher do his job.  It is selfish to talk through a class.  The kids around you might just want to learn the material more than you.  Shut up.
That is not to say not to ask questions.  Raise your hand and do it right. 

Show up, keep up, shut up. 

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