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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Judge Judy II

I have a confession to make.  I record, and watch Judge Judy.  

I like her no-nonsense approach.  I like her direct and loud style.  I like that she isn’t politically correct and doesn’t care about “feelings” as she doles out her brand of justice.  But what I like most; what keeps me coming back, is her disgust with people who sit at home and receiving welfare in one form or another.  I’m sure it’s just the network hand picking people that will make an entertaining show, but it seems that almost EVERYONE who shows up is getting food stamps and welfare and early social security from the government.  Er… I mean from me.  

I believe in charity and I believe in helping those less fortunate than I have been.  But I’d like to do it on my own terms.  I don’t want to support the guy who has been receiving $1400.00 a month for 4 years because of a “back injury” he suffered at work.   I’d be ok with it if he wasn’t spending 2 weekends a month on his boat or Jet Ski.  I rather buy the books that my less advantaged high school grads need for college.  

I don’t want to support the 22 year old woman with 3 kids from 2 different husbands, neither of whom pay child support.  I’d rather support the 22 year old kid living on ramen and making good decisions trying to work her way through college. 

I don’t want to support the 45 year old guy who gets a check for caring for his pretty healthy 70 year old mother.  Isn’t that what family does?   We now pay people to care for their parents when they get old?  I mean I now pay for it?  I’d rather donate to the church as they fundraise to send kids to Nigeria to provide aid to kids in need.  

I don’t want to support perfectly healthy America as they game the system.  I’m all for taxes that pay for education, police, fire, national defense, etc.   Buy my disgust is growing over the increasing number of people who just walk to the mailbox to get paid.   

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