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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Change? Nah.

I keep reading how teachers are incorporating new technology into their classrooms to help engage their students.  I-Pads , I-Phones, I-Whatever....

I fundamentally disagree with this approach.

Kids like cartoons.  Should we only show them cartoons the rest of their lives?   Some people would say yes if that is how the person would pay attention best.  But we limit the person by being so one dimensional.

Exactly the opposite is true.  People need to learn how to learn in any environment.  By playing to the child's current environment, we don't help...we hurt.  We need to be saying "this is how you are going to be delivered material, find a way to be successful".  Why?  Life is why.  The job you ultimately get may not give you the information you need to be successful in "a way that engages you".  (that was supposed to drip with sarcasm)

Here's how I use technology to help students learn in the way that they best learn.   I use a colored piece of chalk. 

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