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Sunday, April 19, 2015


I don't like cliches.   "Time heals all wounds."  Shut up. No it doesn't.  "Patience is a virture."  Shut up and hurry up.  "You can do anything you set your mind too."  Shut up.  I'll never dunk a basketball.

And my favorite.  "Take it one day at a time."  Just shut up.  What does that even mean?  Only a fool would go through life not knowing that a day was a small piece of something bigger.  To treat a day as an isolated event doesn't fit my brain.

Except yesterday I figured out that "Take it one day at a time", for me, might be the key to my sanity.

I've been having a problem with balance.  I've been too "all in" at work.  Planning, teaching, tutoring, testing, reflecting, re-teaching, re-testing, begin again.   My brain has been all school all the time.

Well, yesterday I had a good day.   One good day.   Balanced.  Bit of work, bit of fun, bit of family responsibility.  

Now I want one more good day.  Maybe I'll try and do this "one day at a time".

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