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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Laker Fans

On Christmas Day, the Lakers lost at home to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The fans showed their true colors when near the end of the game they threw foam finger give-aways and water bottles onto the court. The fans apparently didn't like some of the officiating nor the play of their team.

You stay classy L.A.

This team has THE BEST RECORD IN THE NBA, and has WON 16 OF THEIR LAST 17!!!! But they lose on Christmas Day and the fans respond by booing, swearing, getting drunk, and throwing things. Wow.

Thank you so much for being great role models for the kids who attended the game.

Plus, I just don't get it. Are some people's lives SO empty that they invest SO much emotionally into a local sports team? I mean I like to quietly root for my alma mater (Go Cat's) but I just don't get the grown men in their NBA jerseys or their button down baseball game jerseys wide open to allow room for their stomachs. These people spend more than they can afford, at the cost of their families, on a spoiled bunch of thugs and ungrateful character free "athletes". I am swearing off professional sports. I will not attend and I will not watch on TV. America, what is wrong with you? While our Congress was bankrupting our country with an illconceived health care bill, you were watching men run and jump. What a bunch of immature morons. Grown men acting like idiots.


My heros are not athletes. Today I hate everyone.

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