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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tiger Woods

I don't think enough people have chimed in on the Tiger Woods saga. I'll go ahead and be the first.

This is without question the greatest thing to happen in America since we beat the Russions in hockey in the 1980 Olympics. "Do you believe in miracles? YES!!!"

This will finally make people realize that sports figures are not role models. They are gifted athletically and endure the same demons as you and I.

This will finally make people realize that family is more than just a word. The huge importance of having 2 parents in the home is statistically proven. Children who come from broken/divorced/remarried/step/half environments have one huge strike against them. Just ask Dr. Laura.

When people tell me about the failures of the educational system, I respond to them as follows. "The educational system isn't broken. Families are broken. The students that show up in my class ready and willing to learn are now attending Yale, Duke, UCLA, the United States Air Force Academy, and a host of other schools. Because their families valued education, it became an expectation, not a hope, to succeed at the highest level in school. They listened, learned, and tested into the best universities in America. When parents are part of the education of their child, children achieve at high levels. When students fail, it is always the parents fault. They should have been harder, firmer, more rigid. Schools aren't failing. Parents are failing.

Tiger Woods now represents everything wrong in America. He thought more of his "needs" than those of his family. Now the kids grow up believing that marriage is disposable. Well done Tiger.

I hate everyone.

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