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Friday, July 8, 2011


This morning, the feds released a number of pieces of employment data. The news is scary, depressing and sobering.

Unemployment ROSE to 9.2% nationwide. Experts are saying this number is low. They believe the real number of unemployed is closer to 12 to 14 % and if you include under-employed people, the number jumps to about 16%. Holy smokes.

I want to do something, but of course, there isn't anything I can do other than be grateful that I have a job.

I am so grateful to have a job. Thank you Capistrano Unified School District for paying me to teach. Thank you Dana Hills High School for letting me come in everyday and educate America. While I may not always demonstrate it with my actions, I'm grateful everyday that I have an employer that believes in me and lets me spin my magic.

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