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Saturday, February 25, 2012


When the bell rings, when students are in classes, no one in the educational system matters other than the classroom teacher. The secretaries, attendance clerks, maintenance crews, janitors, and the entire district office staff could be munching on potato chips and watching reruns of "Dance Moms" for all it matters. When the bells ring, there is only one person who has the eyes and ears of 40 students waiting for him or her to motivate and educate them; the classroom teacher.

So why when I go to the office because I need something am I made to feel like an imposition? Quite the opposite should be true. I should have a couple adults waiting outside my door to sprint down the halls if I need anything. I'm the one trying to teach these kids. Without me, no one else is working. Without me, there is no school.

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  1. Granted, you are where the rubber meets the road. It is unfortunate when people can't work enthusiastically together. Perhaps the question needs to be asked- why are these support people projecting such negative attitudes? I think it helps if we consider what it might be like in their shoes. Sometimes a show of compassion, a friendly smile or providing them with a sense that they are appreciated can transform a negative attitude.
    I sometimes get caught up in the "I'm the center of the world" and "I'm the important guy here" mentality. Then I realize I'm replaceable and I am here to serve and respect others. That doesn't mean becoming a doormat- it means at a minimum not contributing to the problem with my attitude.