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Saturday, March 17, 2012


I'm so sick of the way some teachers talk.  My latest frustration is when teachers defend themselves against outside attacks by saying... "and I work every weekend, and I have to buy my own supplies, and I blah blah blah... and I don't do it for the money, I do it because I love the kids. 

Shut up. 

Do doctor's love their patients?  Do lawyers love their clients?  Does my plumber just love clearing drains?  Of course not.  We do the jobs we do because over the course of our lives, we have found out what we do best.  That's it.  We teach because it is what we do best. 

I don't accept the premise that I would be better at what I do if I cared more about the students.  My level of effort, everyone's level of effort, is defined by their character.  I work hard every day because that is what you are supposed to do.  Whether I am washing my car or hanging a picture for a friend or educating America.  I work hard because that is what you are supposed to do.

Ok, I'll admit that I go home knowing what I do is important and that makes it easy to put forth a great effort.  I feel I have to work hard because I have a limited amount of time to do a very important thing; educate America.  Maybe it would be tougher to go a hundred miles an hour with my hair on fire if I were selling houses or cars. 

Still, I hate when I hear teachers claim they do this job because they love kids.  I do this job because at one time, I was a special young mathematician and have an ability to teach tough concepts in an understandable way.  I teach high school math because I am good at it and I am compensated in a reasonable manner.   I teach because I can. 


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  2. Oh you're sick of the way teachers talk? Have you listened to yourself speak in class? I would suggest you do so before spewing hate about other teachers because you will come to the undeniable conclusion that you, of all people are not in any position to be criticizing anyone.

    Are you suggesting that it is impossible to be a teacher and love your students at the same time? It doesn't get much more ignorant than that. Just because you don't, maybe even your associates dont as well, doesn't mean others don't too. And on what grounds exactly are you making this absurd claim? And besides you have to spend quite a sum of time with the students, almost 5 hours a week, mine as well love them, or at least try.

    And since when does your class room represent America?

  3. "my level of effort, everyone's level of effort, is defined by their character" wow. i appreciate the fact that your a teacher, but thank god you not a psychology teacher. you may not be able to control some of these things but learning disabilities, how interesting something is perceieved, and how meaningful something is perceived are just a few of the things that determine how hard someone will work. laziness is a myth and a name we use to call people who don't value what we value. you may be like math because you good at it or because it is interesting to you, that is not the case for everyone, but hey if they had better character it would make them smarter and more motivated to do what they hate. even though you are delusional i wish you the best of luck teaching math, i could't think of a harder subject to make interesting to students.