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Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

Don't contact me after 6 years, tell me how you've been thinking about me and how you hope I'm doing well, then ask me for some help with your college math class.  Just ask for help.  I'm happy to help.  But it feels pretty disingenuous to preface your request with a bunch of crap. 

A number of "new" diets are making the rounds.  My favorite is the Juice Diet.  Yeah, that should work.  Here's a little secret.  Eat less, exercise more. 

I won't pretend to understand the persecutions endured by the LGBT women.  Still, the "in your face" mentality that seems to have developed isn't helping.  I don't want to generalize because I am friends with a handful of gay/lesbian people and each of them is reserved and classy.  But there is a group, and I don't know if they are fringe or main-stream, that is on TV and the radio who are so "militant" that it really does the whole movement harm. 

Stop telling me how bad smoking is for me.  Do you think there is anything you can tell me I haven't already heard?

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