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Friday, June 28, 2013

Handicap Parking Pass

I just about got my ass kicked today by a guy twice my size.

I drive into the parking lot of Kmart (shut up) and begin the process of getting out of my car.  I have to put the convertible top up, put my backpack (with some very nice pencils, pens and graphing calculators) in the trunk, and make the change from prescrip sunglasses to prescrip seeing glasses.  I'm early in the process when a gorgeous, black, new, expensive, BMW parks across and two spots away from me.  Handicap spot.  Hanging from the rearview mirror is his handicap parking pass.

About 35 years old, he parks, gets out of his car, beeps the beep, and literally jogs across the parking lot to the front door of the store.  Handicap parking pass.  My blood starts to boil.

Amazingly, the two of us find ourselves leaving the store and heading towards our cars at the same time.   My big mouth starts and argument that I think went something like this;

Me:  Nice handicap parking pass
BMW: What?
Me:  I see you have a handicap parking pass.  Nice.
BMW: What do you care?
Me:  My parents are 88 and 82.  Dad is on oxygen and he can walk about 30 steps before needing to rest.  We really need his handicap parking pass so we can get him out more.  Never any spots though.
BMW: So?
Me:  So?  That's your response?  So?  You take a handicap spot, jog into the store CLEARLY not handicapped, and you don't care that your taking the spot from someone legit?
BMW:  My mom is handicapped asshole.  I didn't steal the pass. She needs it too.
Me:  Look you ass-hat, quit using the pass without your mom in the car.  There are 20 other spots here (Kmart) and you use the handicap spot?  Classy.
BMW:  F#!k off bi%@h.  Mind your own f#!king business.  Get out of my way.
Me:  First class language too.  Classy to the end.
BMW:  Keep talking bi%@h.  I'll f#!king kick your ass.

He was about 6' 2"  210 lbs.  I'm pretty big too.  5' 6 3/4"  150 lbs.

I got into my car and left.

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