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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It's my own fault for reading.

Lately, I'm really disappointed in Facebook.  Not the program (app).   Not that at all.   Thank you Facebook makers for providing me with a location on the Internet that allows my friends, former friends, ex-wives, and former students a way to stay in contact with me.  In all seriousness, Facebook has been a plus for me.  I've been invited to weddings, anniversaries, funerals, memorials, reunions, and  all number of events because formers can find me.   Because of  all the moving around I've done,  6 high schools in 6 cities, I've lost touch with former friends and students.   I'm very happy people can find me.   Turns out, I like being found.

The mistake I'm making is reading all the absolute garbage and nonsense my "friends" are posting.  Some is great.  But allow me to rant at the following,

Are we STILL TAKING PHOTOS OF OUR FOOD!!!!!!!??????   Really?  We haven't gotten the memo that no one really wants to see the cute drizzle of carmel atop your 1000 calorie, whipped creme covered Mocha Frappa-Cappa Latte?   Let me be clear.  Stop.  Stop now.  Stop cold turkey.  You can do this.  Resist the need to take a photo of your food and drink.   Know this,  even your friends "liking" the photo are laughing at you.  

Are we STILL TAKING ALL OF OUR PHOTOS WITH OUR TONGUE OUT?   It was funny for a while.  I liked seeing silly pictures.   Even took my share.  Enough.  Especially from my more adult friends.  Stop doing everything the idiot kids are doing.  Looks a bit needy when adults follow the lead of the kids.

Thank you for posting photos of your weddings, vacations, birthdays, etc.   I mean that.   LOVE seeing happy.  But, stop posting photos from random parties.    It's time to be a bit more discreet and savvy.  Employers are looking at FB pages.  Seeing every other photo of you with a drink in your hand is a bit off-putting.  And, anyone of my friends stupid enough to be photographed with a bong, pipe, joint, apple, hookah etc....ANYWHERE in the photo... I'm immediately de-friending you.   In addition to questionable decision making, you are too dumb to be my friend.

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