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Friday, August 9, 2013


Sometimes I browse personal ads online.  There, I said it.   I look at  Match.com, J-Date (my people), Plenty of Fish, etc.   I like to kill time by looking at women who are looking for men.  When I find an ad that catches my eye, I read the profile.   The "about me" section or the "what I'm looking for" section.

But if I read "where are all the good men?" one more time, I'm going to go looney.

First, it implies that all/most men are bad.   That is not my experience.  Maybe I've been lucky or maybe I've chosen good friends, but the guys I know are good guys.   Most are really good guys.  Guys that don't cheat on their wives or girlfriends; guys that don't lie about where they've been or what they've done; guys that walk a pretty darn good walk.  "Where are all the good men?"  Shut up.  There are good men everywhere.  Certainly there are bad men too, but don't come off as if all men are bad.

Second, it implies that you are a good woman and are clearly deserving of a good man.  We just don't measure up to your elevated standards.  You, the epitome of class, grace and decorum.  Us, simpletons who lie, cheat, and lack character.    Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I would hope that before popping off about "where are all the good men", you take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you are deserving of.  

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  1. Hi Morris,

    Just so you know... I'm not looking for a man- good, bad or whatever.

    I'm a conservative hs math teacher in MO who is wondering what your opinion is of the Common Core math standards in particular, and the Common Core "Initiative" in general.

    If you use twitter you can dm me @proudmomom or use the email associated with this "concerned" account.

    I can't get to your email for some reason with your blogger profile...