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Saturday, August 3, 2013


I met you the day after I moved to San Clemente.   It seems like such a short time ago, but it has now been over 11 years.  Do you remember?  It was at the Staples on Avenida Pico and the minute I laid eyes on you I knew I wanted you.   Gosh you were beautiful back then.  Fresh, bold, exciting.

We left the store together and I cannot remember a moment in the past 11 years that you haven't been with me.  You were with me every single school day, waiting patiently at my desk, watching me teach. You were with me every time I had to do some tutoring or test prep outside of school hours.  You never complained.  Not even that time that I spilled a steaming hot coffee all over you.  You were a rock.

Remember our trips?  Vancouver was nice.  Las Vegas was very nice.  But my favorite trip was our road trip to Tucson.  We had a great time and never once did you violate the code; What happens in Tucson Stays in Tucson.

I remember that night I brought that weird woman home.  Remember her?  Pretty as heck but I'm not sure she was playing with a full deck.  You never batted an eye.  You didn't look at me differently afterwards and you allowed me to make my own decisions without any guilt from you.  You were always so accommodating of me spending time with others.  

For 11 years I have trusted you and you have never let me down.  On our hikes you always held up better than me and even if I asked you to carry the bulk of our load, you never balked.

I have used you and abused you and for that I am sorry.  Because of that, I must cut you loose today.  I have gone back to Staples and met another.  She's amazing.

All my best old backpack.  Godspeed.

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