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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

At the Shops in Mission Viejo Mall

Random thoughts after going shopping for a pair of gloves over the weekend.

It is a requirement when asking a store clerk where to find the men's gloves to hold both hands out, palms facing away, and wiggle ones fingers.  I caught myself doing it in the 3rd store.   Couldn't not wiggle in stores 4 and 5.

It is not ok not to know if you carry gloves.  But hey, I get it, items can be seasonal.  It is NOT ok to be dismissive, say "hmmm, I'm not sure", and go back to folding.  Lets ask someone.  Lets take me to where they might be if they were there.  Lazy isn't very attractive.

Adults that do non-stop texting are way more annoying than kids.  I expect it from the kids.  But really?  You can't walk a mall without sending 12 texts?  Pretty sad.  Now, I try to run into you when you bear down on me head in your phone, in your 400 dollar yoga pants, and 200 dollar running shoes that have never seen anything but the floormats of your BMW.  Ok...that went too far.

Adult women should show young girls how to dress.  Well actually, they are.

To the group of 6 boys popping off to people as they walked past.  Shut up.  I told you to shut up then and none of you did anything and I'm saying it again.  Shut up.  I'm sick of "tough guys" when they are surrounded by their friends.  And making fun of how an older woman walks?   Shut up.

To the guy at Macy's that walked the flippin store with me, found the gloves, and gave me a discount, ...thanks.

To the women of the makeup department.  You don't need to wear all the makeup all the time.

Banana Republic.  Great gloves.  $92.00?????  Shut up.

To the woman at J Crew,  "Hello....."

And now, to the gloves I bought...gorgeous, comfortable, leather with a fleecy inside.  Except that the inner liners of fingers 1 and 2 cut off to allow for texting better.  More control.  Shut up.  My fingers can't stop playing with the inside cut off edges.  So,  I have to take them back tomorrow.  Woo hoo.  More Mall.

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