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Sunday, December 1, 2013


More and more, as I talk with parents and students and random people I meet, I'm often told, "oh, I love your blog."

It always rocks me a little.  I kind of like it, but mostly I don't.   I really don't know why I write, but it isn't to be read.  I get embarrassed when people read my works.  As a mathematician, I can compete.  As a writer, I feel inferior.

Add to that, I only write when I'm angry.  Not always proud of how I feel or what I write after a bout with Mr. Temper.

Off subject, shut up with the Thanksgiving cliche crap I heard today.  "In times of need, be buoyed up by those around you who love you."   Shut up.  Drag your depressed butt out of bed, get in the shower, and go to work.  Everyone gets depressed.  You don't get special treatment cause you think your depression is greater.  Buoy yourself.

We come into this world alone and we better figure out in our heads how to be alone and to handle our own business, because at the end of the day, we are again alone....82 years old...grown kids 500 miles away.... crappy little assisted living apartment... mean and fat nurse who hates you... yeah...

And shut up about the Christmas season.  We should be kind and generous all year long.  Kind and generous?  Not if you shop at Walmart.   Not if you camp out overnight for a big screen TV.  Kind and generous?  Yeah...shut up.

And take those stupid antler ears off your car.  Just don't.

And if I say "thank you", stop saying "no worries."  How about "you're welcome".

And quit dressing the age you want to be.  Old people like me should NOT be wearing acid washed jeans or juicy sweats or Jason Mraz hats.  Stop it.

And to those of you that read... Thank you....I think.

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