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Sunday, December 22, 2013


A quick note to all young adults.   Hell,  a quick note to everyone.

As you progress in your lives, as you apply for different jobs, it might be smart to clear your Facebook and Instagram pages of anything that doesn't portray you in the way you want to be portrayed.   I'm sure your "besties" will be "cray cray" bummed that the "adorns" pictures of you holding the bong isn't your profile pic anymore, but you might want to consider it.

I'm looking for a long-term sub to replace a teacher going out on maternity.  I got the name of a couple of subs in the district who might be good.  I looked at both their Facebook pages.   One had lovely pictures of her young daughter and husband hiking, biking, birthday partying, etc.  The other had a young woman, who in only four pictures, had 3 alcoholic beverages, 2 shots of guys giving the camera the finger, 1 open mouth tongue shot, and my personal favorite, the Miley Cyrus halloween costume.

Hmmm....who should I contact first?

I really don't have a problem with any of the behaviors of contestant number 2.  Well I do, but I wouldn't hold someones free time against them.  I absolutely believe in the need to "blow off steam."  I have a problem with her decision to post the photos. It just isn't smart if she is looking for work.  Looking for work in a school.

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