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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Los Angeles Unified School District governing board just decided that they know more than teachers when it comes to educating kids. . Most of these governing board members aren't college graduates but that sure hasn't stopped them from acting like experts. Most of them haven't been in a classroom in 20 years. Still, the LAUSD governing board has decided to replace tried and trued teacher practices with a flavor-of-the-month policy of their own.

They decided to put a limit on how much weight homework can have on a students grade. The LAUSD governing board decided that homework can not be worth more than 10% of a students grade.

First, to the students and parents who complained about homework and got this decision passed. YOU IDIOTS!!!!! Do you really want your grade to be based solely on tests and quizzes? Homework is a GIFT. It provides an opportunity to get points while experiencing the practice needed to be successful on tests. Do you really think teachers assign and grade homework just to be vindictive? We assign and grade homework so that students can better understand the material by having them look at it a second time. It teaches students how to access information and to begin to learn how to learn on their own.

By capping the homework percent, students will be less motivated to do homework, do less homework, and be less educated.

Second, to the governing boards; "STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!!!" You caved to the vocal crying of a few parents and you missed the boat. Do you think teachers will be assigning less homework? Nope. Same amount. You have effectively lowered the grades of the students. I'll spell it out for you. Assume a unit or chapter test consists of a 100 point test and 10 points available in homework assigned during the unit. Two students make identical 79% on the test. One did all the homework making his total 89/110 or 81% for the class. One of the students doesn't do the homework for 79/110 or 72% for the class. By telling students homework is worth less, they will do less, and their grades will go down.

My dad once told me that the person who knows best how to do a job is the guy doing the job. People working daily at a particular task usually find the best way to do the job. I am tired of idiots outside the classroom thinking they know more than me.

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  1. At MV we have to accept late work, no zeros, opportunities for revisions/retake of assessments….HORRIBLE! Grade inflation at its best.