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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fight the Power

I'm thinking of calling for a revolution. I'm getting close.

The conservative bumper sticker I saw said it all; The less they do, the more they get.

I now live in a country that pays its citizens to take care of their parents when they get old. For thousands of years children have looked after their parents without being paid. Now, we have a full blown governmental program with an unholy amount of fraud that gives out my tax dollars to the fat lady who sits at home watching Oprah with her perfectly fine mother.

I now live in a country that provides citizens of other countries a cheaper college education than it provides the citizens of the U.S.A. In Texas for sure and probably in many states, illegal immigrants have been granted in-state tuition rates to the state schools. That means that over a 4 year period, an illegal imigrant will pay roughly $100,000 for his education while a kid from South Dakota or Oregon or New York or Arizona or anywhere other than Texas, will pay about $400,000.

I now live in a country that blames teachers for the actions of the children in the community instead of blaming the demise of the American family. Dad is raising another family somewhere and the step dad is powerless because mom is a woman who cares more if her kid likes her than if her kid is well behaved, respectful, honorable and with good character. Nah, she'll just lie for her kid. Lets blame the teachers because the little brat won't try in class.

I now live in a country that continues to provide "aid" to foreign countries by handing checks to their "governments" and hoping some food gets to the starving. This list of countries we are funneling money to angers me. Then, when those bastards bad mouth us?. Grrr

I'm thinking of starting my revolution.

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