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Friday, September 9, 2011

Mixed Emotions

I get it. There are no jobs out there so we should extend unemployment benefits.

I have a problem with it. In a nutshell, by extending benefits, people have just a little bit less incentive to go out and work. With no money, many of the unemployed would be out there pounding the payment and knocking on every door until something happened. Now, not so much. We have already extended their benefits to 99 weeks. 99 WEEKS. That's just under 2 years. 2 years of getting paid without working. My President wants to extend it even more and I fear that fewer good men will go get jobs. They mustn't be allowed to wait until something comes up in their field in their community. I just read about North Dakota. It has the most natural gas and oil resources in North America. They are drilling like crazy, hiring everyone, and paying $120,000 a year. Why are not more men flooding into the state? If money were allowed to run out, men would be forced to relocate. That's the way it should be. Do whatever you must do to take care of your family.

On a another note,

I played a round of golf with a guy who is getting disability checks from the government. Said he had a bad back. Sure looked ok to me. A friend of a friend is getting disability checks because she has depression. $1400 a month because she gets sad a lot. I get sad a lot. Do I get a check? I watched an episode of The People's Court, (I have a thing for the judge) and listened as she was stunned that a plaintiff was receiving a disability check because when he went off to college, he got anxiety.

I know of a woman who'se welfare check gets substantially bigger for every child she has. In know a guy that gets paid by the government to take care of his 70 year old mother who has to drive him around because of his DWI.

If my humble opinion, we are ruining people. Our hearts are in the right place but man are we damaging people.

We have to love tougher.

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  1. Those that are CEOs of large US companies have often shipped jobs to other countries. The solution to this is have all those 99ers move to those countries so they, too can have jobs. Sure, it pays the equivalent of a bowl of rice a day, but hey- the guy can have his wife and 6 year old kid work, too. Lazy bastards.