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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Camryn Manheim

Dear Camryn,

I was watching the coverage of the George Zimmerman trial and during a break or commercial I caught an interview with you about a show you are either currently doing or currently preparing to do.   First, you look great.  I was a HUGE fan of The Practice and when I saw you today.....well, you looked great.  

But when you said, and I apologize I don't have the exact quote, "Men are just larger boys.  It's easier to do it alone" I was really disappointed.  You have to know better.  

I'm a 20th year high school math teacher in Southern California.   I've seen a lot of teenagers and I've worked with a lot of parents.  I've seen the effects of great parenting and the costs of poor parenting.  While I don't have children, I still believe that my work has given me the right to share with you my experiences.  

Children need balance.

The balance between a mother teaching a son to read, cook, treat others, etc. and fathers teaching their son how to swing a hammer and start a fire and change a tire.  I'm not saying women can't.   But some women can't.  As the son of a general contractor, it turns out there is a right way to swing a hammer.  Through some experiences, men learn things women don't.   And of course, vice versa.

The balance between a mother buying too many v-neck pastel tee shirts for her son and a father bringing home a black Raiders hoodie.

The balance needed when the child needs to be punished.  I'm not talking about belts and beatings, but on a personal note, I didn't do a lot wrong growing up because I had a good healthy fear of my father.  He didn't stand for a bunch of nonsense.   He also raised 3 kids, 2 with Master's degrees and the other a medical doctor.  He was tough and at times brought us down.   Mom picked us up.  I am so blessed to have had that structure and balance.

My dad taught me to fish and shoot a gun.  To this day we both share a love of cars and knives.   My mom taught me about manners, character, relationships and love.   To this day she is my hero.

I've seen too many boys growing up without fathers that don't have balance.   Growing up, boys have questions about things they don't want to ask their mom about.  

I could go on and on but I'll leave it at this.  The way you dismissed a boy's need for a male influence is disappointing.  Your bold and arrogant attitude will ultimately lead to your son lacking something.  I pray that he lives a blessed and wonderful life but I fear your arrogance will prevent that.

Jake Schwartzberg

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