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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Company We Keep

So I'm minding my own business a couple of days ago enjoying a cup of coffee at a local Starbucks.  I was there working on revising the pacing guide for my Topics in Calculus class, but truthfully, I was just people watching.  At times, the walls close in on me at home and I just want to see the world from a different table.  Who knows when I'll meet my next bad relationship?

Two women were sitting close enough, and speaking loudly enough, that I was actively listening to their conversation.  They were both 8th grade middle school teachers.  Both teaching History and the English at the same middle school.  They seemed nice enough but after listening to them for about 10 minutes I had to change tables as I almost began to laugh out loud.

It turns out that we become our environments.  I have long known, that because I have spent so many years teaching high school mathematics and being around 16 year olds all day, I am the least mature adult I know.  I speak like an idiot using words and vernacular that I shouldn't.  I must sound like an absolute tool to "real" adults.

But these 2 middle school teachers were beyond the pale.  It was both laughable and really sad how they spoke.  It wasn't adult or professional or even clearly coherent.   Typical sentences included, "...and I'm like all no she didn't and he's all like, yeah, no, I'm so not.  I mean omg lol."

Note to self.  Time to grow up in the way I speak. 

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