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Sunday, November 1, 2015


I've written some pretty tough material recently about some of my former colleagues.  I'd like to now reflect on some of my current ones.

I work with a great team.  As a whole, we mostly like one another.  On average, between 10 and12 of our 16 each lunch together every day.  We are smart and we are professional.   Individually, our parts shine even brighter than our whole.

We have experienced teachers who simply "bring it" every day.  We have young teachers who keep preparing themselves for more and more.  We have comedic characters and we have more rigid and firm.  We have rigor and we have reason.  Individually, our staff stands up pretty well against every other staff I've been on.

As I was reminded in the comments, "those who live in glass houses..." and this is painfully true.  I am low on the list of people who have earned the right to pop-off about others.  I'm far from the teacher I aspire to be and maybe, "physician, heal thyself" fits good here.  Maybe ranting about teacher flaws inspires me to overcome mine.

Whatever my demons, I want to apologize to all my colleagues for many of my posts.  I don't want to be measured based upon my 10 worst minutes and neither should you be judged.  I have forgotten how very good my fellow teachers are.  In every department, we have superstars.  I'm lucky to be surrounded by teachers whom I like, respect, and admire.

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