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Saturday, November 14, 2015


It must have been about 1972 when the women of America revolted.   Ok, maybe it wasn't a full-on revolution, and maybe it didn't even branch outside of a single neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona, but the women revolted.  

It seems that for years, the price of a head of lettuce was about 25 cents.  All of a sudden, the price "skyrocketed" to about 50 cents a head and the women of Tucson would have none of that.  They didn't picket the store.  They didn't call for the resignation of the CEO.  They didn't stage sit-ins and they didn't try to Occupy Tucson.  They just stopped buying lettuce.

It seems, if my mom's memory is correct, that even without a concerted combined organized and well timed effort, all the women simply stopped buying lettuce.

As my mom remembers it, it took about 2 weeks for the price of a head of lettuce to return to 25 cents.

I guess I just don't understand choosing to go to a college where the racial makeup of the student body and the faulty is well known, disclosed, and reported, then protest about the lack of racial diversity.  I don't understand.  Don't buy the lettuce.

I don't understand why when a store sells an objectionable item, there are protests and rallies.  Don't buy the lettuce.  Shop elsewhere.

I could go on and on.  I guess I believe in the power of the pocketbook.  I guess I believe in voting with my feet.  Maybe more of us should stop with the protests and simply stop buying the lettuce.

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