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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Sometimes I forget.  i forget meetings.  I forget to call or text people back.  I forget all kinds of stuff.  I've been that way most of my life, and frankly, it hasn't hurt me too much.  People think I'm lying when I say I forgot, but I'm not.  Anyway, can't really control or care about what others think.  I forget stuff.  Whatever.

But I'm disappointed in myself because until about...now....I'd forgotten something important.  I'd forgotten that at one time I viewed my job with the phrase, "And I thy humble servant."  I saw myself serving the students not scolding the students.  I found good instead of only seeing bad.  Today I pledge to remember that to teach is to serve.  I will remember the valor of humility.  I may take a few steps back at times, but today I get better.  Today I remind myself that there is so much more good in my students than bad.  I remind myself that love beats hate and calm beats frantic.  I remind myself how good I was when my attitude wasn't so bad.

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